Business Engagement

What type of business engagement do we do?

We provide multi-lingual, multi-cultural outreach of crime prevention education and resources to help business owners and their staff to prevent crime.

We connect business owners and building relationships between with the Seattle Police Department and other support organizations such as the Rainier Beach Merchants Association.

Why do we need crime prevention education?

The Rainier Beach neighborhood is home to a variety of retail, service, and light manufacturing businesses.

A needs assessment survey revealed that many businesses are run by families and immigrants whose primary spoken language is not English. When these businesses were victims or witnesses to crime, they were reluctant to report it to the police.

The survey also revealed that many of these small business owners were not in contact with each other, nor were not aware of resources available to support their business.

Where did we need crime prevention education?

Lead Partner for business crime education

Contact for business engagement

  • Business Engagement: Barb Biondo, or 206.322.6134

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