Campus Safety Team + PBIS

Campus Safety Team

What is Campus Safety?

A monthly meeting and communications forum, the Rainier Beach Campus Safety Team brings together the administrative staff and security from five Rainier Beach public schools (aka the Rainier Beach campus), with the Community Center and public library staff, youth service providers, and Seattle Police officers to collaboratively plan and implement youth crime prevention strategies.

Why do we need Campus Safety?

Campus Safety Team meeting

Campus Safety Team meeting

The Rainier Beach campus has long been a hotspot for crime that affects youth – including assaults, large fight disturbances, and theft.

A challenge to addressing the problem of youth safety in this area is lack of management of this campus, this place. The stakeholder of this place are several large institutions, such as schools, parks, and public library, as well as privately owned small businesses and local residents.

Prior to our intervention, these different stakeholders did not meet, discuss crime and safety issues, or plan together for the common good.

Where do we use Campus Safety?

Lead Partners for the Campus Safety Team

  • Martha Winther, Rainier Beach Community Center Manager for Seattle Parks and Recreation
  • Ricole Jones, Boys and Girls Clubs of King County

Contact for Campus Safety Team

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)

What is PBIS?

Intervention and support is provided in the following areas:

Community Voting for shared values at 2016 Back2School Bash

Community Voting for shared values at 2016 Back2School Bash

  • Establish PBIS in the five Rainier Beach campus schools (Rainier Beach High School, South Lake High School, South Shore K-8, Dunlap Elementary, and Aki Kurose Middle School), and at the Rainier Beach Community Center, public branch library, and at surrounding businesses.
  • Provide PBIS trainings to businesses, community members, and families.
  • Coming in 2017: publicize community-wide community values and acknowledge positive youth behaviors.
  • Coming in 2017: develop school-based restorative justice programs.

Why do we need PBIS?

Prior to our intervention, Rainier Beach campus stakeholders lacked common behavioral expectations and social values for the businesses, public facilities, and surrounding public spaces.

There also lacked a common framework through which the adult-run systems of the different place managers (schools, parks, businesses, etc.) to support positive outcomes for youth

Where do we use PBIS?

Lead Partner for PBIS

Contact for PBIS

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