Crime Prevention (CPTED)

What is CPTED?

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) identifies the physical designs of a neighborhood that may have the potential to attract crime. CPTED promotes increased visibility in and around a property to deter burglars and thieves, who frequently target areas and residences with low visibility.

Changing the physical elements (such as lighting, landscaping, fencing, and windows) sends a clear message that people care about the neighborhood and decreases the opportunity for crime to occur. By leveraging public, private and volunteer “sweat equity” resources, we can increase safety by making repairs or upgrades to storefronts and public spaces, such as parks, streets, walkways, or bus shelters.

One example is Tienda mi Pueblito store (pictured below). Improvements included electrical upgrades & exterior lighting, safety bollards, replacement of broken windows & door, window security film, additional signage & awning, repair of entry stairs. Total investment: $12,628; Match: $3,540.

Before and After photo of improvements to Tienda mi Pueblito

Before and After photo of improvements to Tienda mi Pueblito

We work with small business owners and property owners to implement CPTED-inspired storefront improvements that increase safety and enhance marketability. 

Why do we need CPTED?

The physical characteristics of public and private property spaces pose challenges to safety and may contribute to crime occurring.

Before and After photo of improvements to Rainier Beach Library pathway

Where did we use CPTED?

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