Safe Passage

What is Safe Passage?

The Safe Passage program increases guardianship across the Rainier Beach ‘campus’ (an area encompassing several elementary, middle, and high schools) through the presence of a Safe Passage Team from the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County.

It is loosely modeled after programs with the same name in Chicago and Los Angeles. Safe Passage hopes to reduce fight disturbances and aggressive behavior, which data has shown increases at the Rainier Beach Campus after school hours. It is coordinated and managed by the Boys and Girls Club of King County.

Safe Passage Teams actively engage school administrators and teachers, community center staff, youth, and neighboring business owners to create and promote a “zone of safety” on the campus after school hours.

Team members are trained to de-escalate situations that may lead to fight disturbances and to build positive relationships that engage youth in pro-social activities.

The Safe Passage Team can also refer youth to employment, case management, and other resources as needed.

Why do we need Safe Passage?

The Rainier Beach campus has long been a hotspot for crime that affects youth – including assaults, large fight disturbances, and theft.

The intersection of Rainier Avenue and Henderson Street is a major transit node for Metro Transit. The combination of schools, community center, sports fields, fast-food businesses, and public transit, make this location a natural gathering place for youth and a hub for after-school socializing with minimal adult supervision.

Place management is provided by a variety of stakeholders, including large institutions (schools, parks, library), businesses, and residents.

Where do we use Safe Passage?

Lead Partner for Safe Passage

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