Youth and Neighborhood Engagement

How do we engage youth and community?

  • Corner Greeters: Youth-led, pop-up style events that rotate weekly between the 5 hotspot locations that feature creative, fun activities designed to engage passers by and foster the kind of connections that build community.
  • Town Hall Events: A forum for sharing community information and updates on neighborhood accomplishments and discussion on important topics, including community safety, equity, education, economic development and transportation.
  • Back2School Bash: Held in August with the goals of promoting the value of education and preparing students and families for the start of the new school year. At the Bash, participants receive free backpacks, school supplies, and information on neighborhood resources.
  • Mobile Discovery Center: is a towable trailer that will be used by RBAC as an information booth on wheels that will be deployed at the Back2School Bash, Corner Greeter events, Town Hall events and other Rainier Beach community events.
  • Freedom Net: RBAC supports and trains youth and residents to be citizen journalists and engage the community in the development of a positive public messaging campaign and activities that promote Rainier Beach as a beautiful, safe place for youth.

Why do we need engagement activities?

Holding frequent, fun events at hotspots helps “re-brand” these locations in Rainier Beach as positive places.

Planning events to “activate” hotspots decreases opportunities for crime to occur, strengthens the connections between youth and adults at these locations, and increases the likelihood that if crime or unsafe situations should arise, someone will intervene and call for help.

Where do we engage youth and community?

Lead Partner for youth and community engagement

Contact for youth and community engagement (Corner Greeters)

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